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Pow-R-Surge AGM Batteries

Category: Automotive, Marine, RVs

Ideal for performance vehicles, high-amp stereo systems, hydraulic lift kits and other high powered vehicle accessories. Equipped for the toughest conditions & most intense electrical power demands. Pow-R-Surge™ Batteries are built in the world’s largest and most technologically advanced single site battery manufacturing plant, using state-of-the-art engineering and computer controlled manufacturing to exacting specifications. - Longer service life with superior cycling capability as compared to a conventional flooded batteries. - Superior performance in high current, high power applications, and in extremely cold environments. - Superior vibration resistance. - Quicker power flows and faster recharge rates. - Longer off-season storage. - Spill-proof, leak-proof design which protects people and equipment, and enables installation in virtually any position (upside down installation is not recommended). - Maintenance free, never-add-water design.

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