TROJAN - SCS225 12 Volts

SKU: SCS-225

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Whether you’re on wet or dry land, the Trojan SCS225 has the power to keep you going. As an experienced boater and camper, you know that a single bad battery is all it takes to spoil your fun day. But did you know that installing Trojan's flooded or AGM batteries your boat or RV allows for more hours of consistent power and longer life—which means they can look forward to more hours enjoying their favorite activity, whether it's on land or on the water. Capacity: 105 (5 Hr Rate AH), 130 (20 Hr Rate AH) Capacity Minutes: 225 min @25 Amps, 57 min @75Amps - CCA @ 0F: 665 - CA @ 32F: 820 - Marine batteries feature handles for easy lifting in tight spaces and dual marine terminals to hookup all your electronic gear. - Large vent caps on deep-cycle models reduce the potential for acid leakage. - Trojan's proprietary Maxguard Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus paste formulation team up to increase battery life, extend run time and decrease maintenance.

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