12 Volt 35 Ah

12 Volt 35 Ah

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This Models Dimensions are: 7.68X5.12X6.46 Inches Power Kingdom's unique construction and sealing technique ensure that no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or case of any Power Kingdom battery. This feature insures safe and efficient operation of Power Kingdom batteries in any position. Power Kingdom batteries are made of special lead- calcium alloy plates, with high capability adsorptive clapboard, are valve-regulated and have a sealed configuration, with no dissociative acid; they are perfect for maintenance-free operations, and have a low self-discharge. Power Kingdom batteries are classified as "Non-Spillable" and will meet all requirements of the International Air Transport Association **This will also replace a 12 Volt 33 Ah battery (same phyiscal size)**


Manufacturer POWER KINGDOM
Features No
Specifications No
Applications *Security Systems
*Emergency Lighting Systems
*Electric tools
*Geodesic Apparatuses
*Fire Alarm
*UPS Systems
Compatibility No